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"I hired Beki while working as general manager of an amusement park. She is a great storyteller and manages to capture a complete experience in a few single images and lines. With no doubt this has boosted the parks visitor numbers. In short she is dedicated, has great skills and knows how to get the message across. It was a pleasure working with her."

− Lars van den Ham

"Ik heb Beki leren kennen als een zeer creatieve designer met oog voor detail, bijzondere invalshoeken, kennis van zaken en een tikkie eigenwijs, wat uiteindelijk ten beste uitkomt voor het design. Haar dagelijkse glimlach en haar sociale karakter maakte haar een bijzonder fijne collega om mee samen te werken."

− Alex van Kampen

"I have hired Beki for an illustrated book lay-out design, a book cover design and a logo. I completely trust and rely on her in all things related to graphic. I am always impressed with the modern and clean look of her designs. Her designs are simple and effective. She listens to my needs and desires. I think her talent is extraordinary and her client service is excellent."

− Sahar Anvari

"We used to work with Beki for almost two years and she was one of the best graphic designers I'd worked with. She knows what you want and provides the most perfect, and modern piece of art you can wish for."

− Peyman Afraz